Masterclass on Love

Masterclass on Love

Instead of describing the journey of the masterclass, this blog is based on evaluations filled in by the partecipants and collected after return in Belgium.

Carpooling and travelling together allowed us to get acquainted with other participants in an informal way, prior to the masterclass; Good idea :).

Sometimes difficult linguistic communication between Belgian and Italian participants, but the lovely italian gestures along with all the good intentions at both sides made the multicultural participation also a colourful group.

Good mix of activities (trekking, karate, wine tasting, visit historical cities centres);

We arrived in “Kronos Time”, which is the measurable time on your watch, but lived this masterclass according to “Kairos Time”, which is the good and right time for everything. An ideal way to leave control behind and start living by the flow.

Presentations and lectures were of a superb level, I regret the time was limited as some subjects were so interesting. The informal session under the big oak tree was magnificent.

Focus on a subject of interest to most people by a multi method approach: Combination of “lectures” and/or “group discussions” with “walk”, some other “methods” as martial skills and a wonderful environment. Even if there had been no lectures, this gathering would have been a success due to the nice environment, the self-selection of interested people and the sharing that takes place when people spend some time together. Add meditation to the concept could also be very interesting.

The efforts and the degree of sharing and giving by Donatella and her team is very well appreciated. After a “lecture” it would have been nice to spend even more time to group discussion (in smaller subgroups).

My personal objectives were all accomplished: To meet new people (had lots of intense conversations with wonderful people, all with a proper story), to enrich myself with interesting information from an inspiring personality as Donatella; to take a new step in my personal growth process, a new trip in my life journey; to visit Tuscany for the first time in my life (I certainly come back); to take the challenge traveling alone and overcoming my fear of flying again; to be together with others who have similar challenges in life and to learn from each other and exchange experiences; I can only say that this masterclass was a huge success. All objectives were met, I learned a lot, met great people, felt passion, kindness and warmth, I felt the synchronicity between the participants. Thanks.

I don’t understand how you could organize this event with such an incredeble price/quality ratio; The service was really exquisite. From arrival at airport back to being accompaigned back to the airport. The food was incredibly good, the place was undescribable;

Sometimes in your life you meet special persons  with a great heart and a brilliant intelligence. Don’t miss them when they offer you their experience, recognize them, meet them, exchange with them and you will never forget that experience. This is what happened during our Masterclass on Love in Lucca. It was just so short…

Thanks Donatella, Ilse, Ivano and the whole crew.
Thanks Altéro.

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